If you’re expressing your opinion about
e-cigarettes in public, you should know
what you’re talking about…

Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos is a Greek cardiovascular specialist who in recent years has become increasingly high-profile internationally on account of his groundbreaking clinical research into e-cigarettes and the effects of their use. He spoke to ECF as he embarked on a study into the ingredients of e-liquids that was made possible through crowdfunding by vapers and e-cigarette companies. We talked to him about his work, the future of vaping and how not all the reputed experts are telling the truth.

E-Cigarette Forum: Your day job is in cardiovascular research at a Belgian hospital, so what led you from that to focus on e-cigarette research? Some might struggle to see the link.
Dr Farsalinos: It came up by coincidence. I’d just finished a study detecting

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