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American E-liquid Manufacturers and Standards Association Launch

October 8, 2012 - New Organization voluntarily establishes criteria to Self-Regulate manufacturing standards for its members’ commercially sold “e-liquid” products manufactured in the United States.  Organization offers to contribute to and facilitate Governmental legislative process to create responsible, realistic and sustainable regulations for commercial manufacturing of e-liquids.  

American E-liquid Manufacturers’ Standards Association: WWW.AEMSA.ORG  

The American E-liquid Manufacturers’ Standards Association (AEMSA) launched the first, and only, trade association specifically dedicated to creating/maintaining self-regulating standards for the manufacturing of its members’ e-liquids used in Electronic Cigarettes.

One of AEMSA’s primary goals is to provide consumers with increased confidence in the professional quality, accuracy and manufacturing environments for the production of the e-liquids its members manufacture and distribute in the marketplace.

Electronic Cigarettes, and the e-liquids vaporized, are comparatively new to the world AND the regulatory environment.  Technologies and consumable products have never before been combined and utilized in this fashion.

AEMSA believes e-liquid, as an entirely new consumable product category, requires a new approach to regulation. The members believe the primary focal point of potential regulation needs to be the manufacturing of e-liquids. AEMSA acknowledges governmental regulation is likely on the near horizon.  We advocate reasonable and practical regulation commensurate with the Standards we have created - as published on our web site and will be enforcing internally for our members.

Our members believe we have a responsibility to self-regulate the e-liquid manufacturing process. 

AEMSA aims to accomplish this by creating, implementing and upholding standards for the manufacture of member e-liquids. AEMSA was established based on the following Core Beliefs:

AEMSA advocates the responsible and professional approach to the manufacturing process and strives to contribute to, and assist with, the Government regulatory formation of reasonable, effective and sustainable regulations for the commercial manufacture and distribution of American made e-liquids.

The e-liquids are the consumable product as the component vaporized, inhaled and exhaled.  Electronic cigarettes utilize a battery activated heating coil to vaporize these e-liquids (simulates smoke).  Electronic cigarettes do not use tobacco and there is no combustion or smoke of any kind.

AEMSA welcomes and encourages all American e-liquid manufacturers to apply, join and have a voice in the growth and development of this unique trade association.


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Consumer Advocates: Linc Williams  www.wearevapers.com (“Baldgroove” on ECF) Lou Ritter – AEMSA President (“NebulaBrot” on ECF) Subject Matter Experts: Kurt Kistler – Professional Chemist (“Kurt” on ECF)  

For full details about AEMSA visit their website:  WWW.AEMSA.ORG   


AEMSA representatives will appear the VapeTeam live web-show WWW.VapeTeam.com on Wednesday night October 10, 2012 at 9:30 PM Eastern Time (USA) to introduce and discuss this unique trade association, its members and its directions/goals.

If you would like to discuss this announcement, please feel free to do so in this thread on the forum:  

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