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Why does my ecig make me choke and cough?

***This is a legacy document and as such may contain out-of-date or incorrect information. The vaping world has moved on a huge amount in a very short space of time, and these articles were written to the best of our knowledge at the time, but we can no longer stand by their accuracy!***

It is likely that either the type or flavor of the liquid you tried was too strong for you, or the equipment you are using has too much power for your taste. Try a 510, regular atomizer model, with a medium or low-nicotine cartridge and a mild flavor such as a fruit or toffee. Or a KR8 (the KR808 2-piece) model, these can be very mild with the regular ('cool') cartos.

Tobacco or coffee flavors for example might be a little strong unless you take it easy at first. Many flavors are designed to be strong, because people often ask for a more powerful effect in order to replicate a strong cigarette.

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