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My ecig doesn’t give much vapor

***This is a legacy document and as such may contain out-of-date or incorrect information. The vaping world has moved on a huge amount in a very short space of time, and these articles were written to the best of our knowledge at the time, but we can no longer stand by their accuracy!***

The core performance indicator of an e-cigarette system is the vapor volume produced. If it generates thick clouds of vapor, you don't have to work too hard to get what you need - and you can always use very little if that's what you want, by using a very short inhale like a tobacco cigarette.

However, if your equipment doesn't produce enough vapor to start with, you are going to come up short: insufficient satisfaction, not enough nicotine, and a dry hit that takes too much effort. In contrast, a system that creates plenty of vapor provides a wealth of satisfaction, enough nicotine, and a clean hit with no dryness.

The simple truth is that bigger is better: a mini is beaten by a mid-size which is beaten by a 3.7 volt APV (aka a 'mod') which is beaten by a VV or 5 volt APV. A mid-size ecig can produce 100% more vapor than a mini, and an APV can produce 200% (or more) than a mini. The end fitting is a major factor, of course, but without enough power capability, full vapor cannot be generated.

How much vapor / power is needed depends on the individual. There is a balance to be achieved, especially at first: newcomers want something that looks and feels like a cigarette. This means that power is limited, and very long drags must be used if there is a shortfall in satisfaction or nicotine delivery - from four to eight seconds would be normal with a mini, to get the full delivery. At home, where there is less potential for the newbie to be embarrassed, an APV can be used - a three-second drag is often enough.

If you find something lacking, in general you need more power. Power comes with battery size. Once the battery is big enough, all sorts of other opportunities open up: variable voltage, liquid feed, LR end fittings, tanks and so on.

First get a system that produces thick clouds of vapor with no effort. After that you'll find the problems have most likely gone, as that was the basic issue. Newcomers usually have to travel a path to get to that point: first they are only happy with a cigarette-clone model; then they get something bigger, for better performance; then maybe they go the whole way and forget about what it looks like, because for ultimate performance you need to completely abandon the idea that the device should resemble a cigarette. That size of battery is too small to provide real performance - it does the job very well indeed in convincing people to make the switch, but in the long term 92% of people, according to polls, change to something bigger.

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