Cole Bishop just failed. What now?

Oliver Kershaw Science & Policy 21 Comments

The much-vaunted Cole-Bishop Amendment was voted down on Sunday. The Cole Bishop amendment would have grandfathered all vaping products that were on the market on 8/8 last year, and exempted them from PMTAs. As things stand, then, we’re back on the FDA’s regulatory countdown; although the countdown was (perhaps not coincidentally) pushed back by 3 months on Monday. This is …

Did the UK just become the world’s most vape-friendly country?

Peter Beckett News & Media, Science & Policy 0 Comments

A shock announcement on Friday has confirmed the UK as the world’s most vape-friendly country. Just three weeks before the door closes for manufacturers to submit notifications under the new regulations, the MHRA announced that they would no longer require full ingredient disclosure from e-liquid manufacturers. It’s a move that will delight those who struggled to get their flavor suppliers …

Stanton Glantz Grilled

Stanton Glantz grilled by Regulator Watch

Oliver Kershaw Science & Policy 2 Comments

Professor Stanton Glantz, ardent opponent of vaping, has engaged in the first interview (that I know of) by a vaping supporter. Brent Stafford questioned Glantz over a 10 minute Skype session for his show, and the video (part 1) is available on Youtube Glantz’s cites three main reasons for his opposition to vaping: He believes they are 40 to 60% safer than …

London Parliament

Public Health England calls for more support for vapers

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A leading UK public health official has called for more support for people using “the number one quit aid – vaping devices” ahead of the annual “Stoptober” event, urging a rethink of policies in light of the recent re-evaluation of the risks and effectiveness of vaping products. Professor Kevin Fenton, director of Health and Wellbeing at Public Health England made …